How A Car Dealership Transformed into a Classroom

September 27th, 2014 by

On September 4th, anyone driving by the Marina del Rey Toyota dealership parking lot would have noticed two vehicles that were definitely not business as usual: a school bus and a fire truck.

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Fire Station 63 sent Captain Reid Lotero and three assistant fire fighters to the dealership to give a safety talk to fifty 2nd grade students from Beethoven Street Elementary. Why?

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Marina del Rey Toyota GM Kevin Ray explains, “We want to help these children flourish in our community. The donations of school supplies and financial gift are part of it, but we’re also here to help facilitate awareness that will keep them safe. A lot of parents don’t know this, but in a fire, when children are frightened and disoriented from the smoke, they are also afraid of the fire fighters in their full gear who go in to rescue them, and they’ll hide. So being familiar with what a fire fighter looks like with the oxygen mask, fire proof clothing — it saves their lives. It means a lot to us to be able to provide a place for our local fire department to provide this valuable service.”

After the fire fighters waved good-bye, the children were given a tour of the service station and the dealership. They were full of questions, “How do brakes work? How do they stop the car? What’s a kill switch – do regular cars all have them? What are tires made of? Is brake fluid the same as oil?”


The field trip concluded with milk and cookies, while Kevin Ray presented Beethoven Elementary Principal, Dr. Althea Ford, with a check for $5000 from Marina del Rey Toyota.

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